At We Are Lyrical, we're on a mission to explore the intersection of technology, music, and human creativity. We believe AI has the power to democratize creativity and enable more people to be their own creators. Central to this effort is our dedication to the ethical and responsible use of AI technologies.

This statement serves as our pledge to maintain accountability, transparency, inclusiveness, security, reliability, and robustness in all AI applications we utilize. We aim to provide an experience that respects user rights, fosters fairness and equity, and safeguards data privacy.

  • Accountability: Our creative team is responsible for harnessing the power of AI to generate our content. As is the case with humans and AI, there may be times when mistakes are made. We're fully committed to rectifying any issues that may arise and are dedicated to listening to and addressing the feedback and concerns of our users.
  • Transparency: We value transparency and uphold control over our data. Our use of AI technology prioritizes clear communication on data collection, usage, and sharing, always ensuring that users are informed and in control.
  • Inclusiveness: Our AI requires user intention to initiate, thereby demanding fair and inclusive behavior. Our policy is to treat all people equitably and to ensure that our AI serves everyone equally. We constantly review our practices to maintain diverse perspectives and uphold fairness and inclusiveness.
  • Privacy & Security: We prioritize privacy and data security. This commitment is upheld both by our team members and our technical systems. We only collect or use the minimum amount of data necessary for our AI to perform its tasks, ensuring better user privacy and security protection.
  • Reliability & Safety: We believe in building trust with our users, which begins with reliable and safe AI-generated content. We focus on consistency and trustworthiness, ensuring that the AI technology we use performs in a dependable and secure way.
  • Robustness: In our pursuit to offer engaging, meaningful content, we harness AI technologies built on robust and resilient systems. These systems undergo rigorous testing for consistent and safe operation by their third-party creators, but this does not mean the AI-generated content that is created is without error or hallucinations. We do our best to address these issues when identified.

Ultimately, we take our responsibility as AI users and content creators seriously. Our ethical stance and commitment to responsible AI are integral to our operations and define our relationship with our content and our users. We strive to maintain a trustworthy, inclusive, and secure environment by continually reviewing and updating our practices.

Together, we can navigate this exciting journey at the crossroads of music, technology, and human creativity, always prioritizing ethics and responsibility.

Content generated by AI on this site is a creative interpretation and for informational and entertainment purposes only; see our Legals for details.