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As we venture into an era where technology has started to intertwine with every aspect of our lives, the music industry is not to be left behind. We stand on the threshold of a new world where artificial intelligence is not merely an accessory, but a transformative force, turning the wheels of creative processes and leading to revolutionary changes in the way we understand, interpret, and engage with music.

In this space, we explore the complexities of this convergence, shedding light on the fusion of machine and melody. From the way AI algorithms can deconstruct a song, revealing layers of meaning hidden within lyrics, to the use of deep learning models in creating new and unique compositions, we delve into the myriad ways technology is reshaping the music landscape.

A Symphony of Purpose: The We Are Lyrical Manifesto
At We Are Lyrical, we’re not just about fusing tech and music—we’re about meaning, connection, and exploration. Immerse yourself in our Manifesto to grasp what drives us.


Join us as we wander through thought-provoking essays, standing at the intersection of music and our lives.

  • Flava in Ya Ear: Exploring the Deep Resonance of Song Lyrics — Song lyrics transcend age, culture, and language to form emotional mirrors, sonic signposts, and a unique means of communication. Learn how they not only reflect but also shape our feelings, mark the milestones of our lives, and foster a sense of shared human connection. Read more.

Song Archive

This is the heart of We Are Lyrical, the destination where all the songs we've explored find their home. Each entry represents an exciting exploration into the world of lyrics, its meaning, and its profound impact. Navigate through an array of genres, artists, and eras as we continually build this sonic tapestry. Uncover the layers of meaning in each song and join us on the journey of discovery.

Song Artist Album Year
Hello Adele 25 2015
It's Tricky Run-DMC Raising Hell 1986
The Safety Dance Men Without Hats Rhythm Of Youth 1982
Joker & The Thief Wolfmother Wolfmother 2005
Walk Like An Egyptian The Bangles Different Light 1986
Livin’ On A Prayer Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet 1986
Mariposa Traicionera Maná Revolución de amo 2002
Temptation New Order Released as a single 1982
Party In The U.S.A Miley Cyrus Time of Our Lives 2009
The Choice Is Yours Black Sheep A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing 1991
Burn One Down Ben Harper Fight For Your Mind 1995
Mr. Brightside The Killers Hot Fuss 2004
The Humpty Dance Digital Underground Sex Packets 1990
Seven Nation Army The White Stripes Elephant 2003
Barbie Girl Acqua Aquarium 1997
Fight the Power Public Enemy Fear of a Black Planet 1989
The Gambler Kenny Rogers The Gambler 1978
Mine (Taylor's Version) Taylor Swift Speak Now 2023
Eye Of The Tiger Survivor Eye Of The Tiger 1982

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Join us as we journey through this fascinating frontier, decoding the rhythm of progress and discovering a symphony of innovation and creativity. Prepare to rethink what you know about music, for this is the dawn of a new musical epoch, one note at a time.

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