New Order's "🍎": The 🔄🛤️ of 🤳🔍

"Each way I turn, I know I'll always try." — New Order, Temptation

Artist: New Order
Album: Released as single (1982)
Charted: 🇬🇧 29

The iconic post-punk band, New Order, has gifted the world with their timeless track "Temptation." The song encapsulates the universal human experience of navigating the complexities of desire, ambition, and personal growth. In this blog post, we delve into the thought-provoking lyric: "Each way I turn, I know I'll always try." These words evoke a profound sense of resilience and the unwavering pursuit of self-discovery.

New Order – Temptation (Official Music Video)

Embracing the Unknown

The opening line, "Each way I turn," captures the perpetual nature of our personal journey. It represents the myriad choices and paths that unfold before us. It's an acknowledgment that life is an ever-evolving tapestry of possibilities, inviting us to embrace the unknown and venture into uncharted territories.

The Drive to Explore

"I know I'll always try" reflects an inherent human trait—the unrelenting desire to push boundaries, seek new experiences, and discover untapped potential. It embodies the spirit of curiosity and the pursuit of personal growth. New Order's lyric serves as a reminder to never settle, to continuously challenge ourselves, and to strive for greatness in all aspects of life.

Resilience in the Face of Challenges

Life's journey is filled with ups and downs, trials and tribulations. However, the lyric in "Temptation" carries a sense of unwavering resilience. It encapsulates the determination to face obstacles head-on and persevere despite setbacks. It's a reminder that true growth often emerges from the willingness to try, even in the face of adversity.

The Quest for Authenticity

New Order's lyrics also touch upon the quest for authenticity and self-discovery. By acknowledging the constant pursuit of new experiences, they invite us to explore different aspects of ourselves, shed societal expectations, and uncover our true passions and desires. It's an invitation to live a life that aligns with our authentic selves, unencumbered by external pressures.

A Universal Journey

The sentiment expressed in "Each way I turn, I know I'll always try" resonates with people from all walks of life. It embodies the inherent human spirit of growth, resilience, and the drive to explore the uncharted territories of our potential. It serves as a reminder that our personal journeys are interconnected, despite our individual experiences.

New Order's "Temptation" is a poignant anthem that speaks to the timeless journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Its lyrics encapsulate the human spirit's resilience and unyielding pursuit of authenticity.

So, the next time you listen to "Temptation," let it remind you to embrace the unknown, continually challenge yourself, and never cease in your quest for personal evolution.

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