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Songwriters Are Using AI to Sell an Artist’s Sound Back to Them
Generative AI can now mimic the vocals of specific artists, and some songwriters are using it to better tailor their song pitches.
"The technology is not perfect, but it's getting better all the time. It's only a matter of time before it's indistinguishable from a human performance."

Songwriters are now using AI to mimic artists' voices and pitch records. This technology is being used to create demos that are closer to the final product, making it easier for artists and producers to visualize the end result. However, this raises questions about the authenticity of music and the potential for misuse.

Believe and Tunecore study looks at how DIY Musicians view and use AI - Hypebot
A new survey by Believe and subsidiary TuneCore of 1558 self-releasing artists from 10+ countries examined the use of and attitudes toward artificial intelligence in the independent music community. Denis. Continue reading
"AI is a tool, not a replacement for human creativity."

A study by Believe and TuneCore reveals how DIY musicians view and use AI. The results show that while some artists are excited about the possibilities of AI, others express concerns about its impact on creativity and originality.

Is Generative AI a Pandora’s Box?
Exploring the promise and challenges of artificial intelligence.
"Generative AI is a powerful tool, but like any tool, it can be used for good or ill."

This article explores the potential dangers and ethical considerations of generative AI. While the technology has immense potential, it also raises concerns about misuse and the potential for creating deepfakes.

Meta expands its AI music experiments with AudioCraft
Earlier this year, Meta released MusicGen, a musical AI model that could use text prompts to create 12-second samples.
"Imagine a professional musician being able to explore new compositions without having to play a single note on an instrument."

Meta has announced AudioCraft, a generative AI for audio that creates high-quality, realistic audio and music from text-based user inputs. This move is part of Meta's broader ambitions in audio AI.

AI voice platform Kits.AI, backed by Steve Aoki, Lionel Richie and Wyclef Jean, hits 1m ‘voice transformations’ - Music Business Worldwide
Kits.AI also reports to have trained 80,000 voices and amassed 100,000…
"When we saw Grimes’ embracing AI to amplify her voice and engage her community, we were really excited by all the possibilities it could open for artists."

AI voice platform Kits.AI, backed by Steve Aoki, Lionel Richie, and Wyclef Jean, has achieved over 1 million voice transformations. The platform allows artists to create, license, and share their own voice models, ensuring the ethical use of AI voice models.

Are You a Lyrical Legend?

Prove it with our guess-the-lyric challenge. What lyric does this image represent?

🎵 Hint: "Back in the day, gaming dreams came true. Retro consoles, broke days bid adieu. From nothing to stardom, life took a twist. Can you guess the lyric that reminisces this?" 🕹️ #GuessTheLyric

(Last week's answer: "I think you're fine. You really blow my mind. Maybe someday, you and me can run away." —LMNT, Hey Juliet)

Spotlight: Wu-Tang Clan's "C.R.E.A.M.": A Thought-Provoking Reflection on Money and Life

"Wu-Tang Clan's "C.R.E.A.M." is a powerful exploration of the profound impact of money on life and society. The iconic hip-hop track delves into the complex relationship between money and life, touching on themes of ambition, struggle, and the pursuit of success. The song serves as a reminder of the materialistic world we live in, where financial success often becomes a primary driving force.

The song also emphasizes the significance of money in shaping people's lives, decisions, and priorities. It captures the drive to improve one's circumstances and achieve success, which is a universal aspiration shared by many. However, it also prompts reflection on the ethical considerations and potential consequences of this relentless pursuit. Read more

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