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Updates on the latest news about the convergence of technology and music.


  • Google & Universal Music: A Symphony of AI Voices (Source: The Guardian)
  • AI's Musical Experiment: 10 Tunes in Review (Source: MusicRadar)
  • Mozart, Van Gogh, and Bob: The Art of AI (Source: Technopedia)
  • AI in Advertising: A Creative Catalyst (Source: AdAge)
  • Tomorrowland & BMW's AI Music Venture (Source: EDM.com)
  • Generative AI's Moment of Truth (Source: FastCompany)
Google and Universal Music working on licensing voices for AI-generated songs
Early stage talks are expected to include a potential tool fans could use to make AI-generated songs
"The potential of AI in music is vast, and this collaboration could redefine how we understand and interact with music."

Google and Universal Music Group are in talks to license artist voices for AI-generated songs. This collaboration aims to create a vast library of AI-generated music, potentially revolutionizing the music industry.

Terrible, terrifying and mostly unusable: What happened when we ‘created’ 10 AI tunes in an hour
Fancy creating some music with artificial intelligence? You might be better off just doing it yourself
"The AI's compositions were like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're gonna get."

MusicRadar embarked on an experiment, creating 10 songs using AI. The results were a mix of intriguing, beautiful, and sometimes jarring compositions, showcasing the potential and limits of AI in music creation.

Mozart, Van Gogh, and Bob From Next Door: Creating Art With Artificial Intelligence
The world shifts on its axis again, as now anyone can be an ‘artist’ with the aid of a generative AI text prompt.
"Generative AI art is reshaping the media, art, and entertainment industry—but it has serious limitations regarding reproducibility and reliability."

Generative AI art is blurring the lines between human and machine creativity. From visual art to music, AI is democratizing the artistic process, making it accessible to all, but also raising questions about authenticity and originality.

Breaking AI stereotypes—why the tech is not a threat to advertising, but a tool for creativity
We must stop applying past paradigms to new technological developments.
"We must stop applying past paradigms to new technological developments."

AI is not the enemy of creativity in advertising; it's a tool. Generative AI can handle mundane tasks, freeing up creatives to focus on groundbreaking ideas. The future lies in harmonizing human creativity with AI efficiency.


"Music inspires, shapes memories and encourages people to come together. It speaks one global, emotional language."

Tomorrowland and BMW have launched "Future Record," an AI-driven music tool. Users input prompts, and the AI crafts a 30-second musical snippet reflecting Tomorrowland's essence. The versatile software, trained in styles like euphoric and melancholic, offers 180 unique pieces. (Read More)


There is debate about whether or not a single LLM can be at once creative and completely trustworthy. The mechanism that lets LLMs improvise and hallucinate is the same one that allows them to make things up.

Generative AI, especially LLMs, promises to transform businesses. Yet, they face criticism for inaccuracies and "hallucinations." Their complexity baffles even their creators. While some view LLMs as a step toward advanced AI, others question their reasoning. Still, their potential economic impact remains vast.

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🎵 Hint: "Love's devotion, unbreakable and true. For you, boundaries I'd bravely pursue. In a melody of loyalty, this lyric shines. Can you name the tune where affection combines?" 💞 #GuessTheLyric

(Last week's answer: "Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, when I was dead broke, man I couldn't picture this." — Notorious B.I.G., Juicy)

Spotlight: The Band's "The Weight": A Tale of Burdens and Community

The Band's iconic track "The Weight" is more than just a song; it's a soulful narrative of burdens and community. With its evocative lyric, "Take a load off, Fanny. Take a load for free. Take a load off, Fanny. And (And, and). You put the load right on me," the song paints a vivid picture of interconnectedness and the profound impact of shared troubles.

The song's blend of folk, rock, and gospel elements has made it a timeless classic that resonates across generations. Delving deeper, "The Weight" is a testament to the human experience of carrying burdens and the solace found in sharing them with others. Its enduring resonance is a reminder of the importance of community and the strength found in shared experiences. Read more.

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